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Colchester United are continually linked with ex players still in the game and a number of them are playing in the Premiership. So what about an old boy`s XI?

The main factors for selection are the player`s past reputation and performances for the club.

See if you agree or disagree with Vital Colchester United`s selections. If so, tell us why at the end of this article.

Feel free to comment or make other suggestions if you feel any player has been overlooked – that`s all part of the fun.

A possible Colchester United Select team made up of past CUFC players still playing today at different clubs:

Simon Brown (Brentford – U`s 1999 – 2004)

Greg Halford (Sunderland – U`s 2002 – 2007)
Wayne Brown (Leicester – U`s 2004 – 2007)
Liam Chilvers (Preston – U`s 2003 – 2006)
Joe Keith (Tilbury -U`s 1999 – 2005)

Karl Duguid (Plymouth – U`s 1996 – 2008)
Neil Danns (Palace – U`s 2004 – 2006)
Lomana LuaLua (Al-Arabi – U`s 1998 -2000)
Richard Garcia (Hull City – U`s 2004 – 2007)

Jamie Cureton (Norwich – U`s 2006 – 2007)
Chris Iwelumo (Wolves – U`s 2005 – 2007)

Sam Stckley (Port Vale U’s 2002 -2006)
Garry Richards (Gilligham – U`s 2005-2007)
Craig Fagan (Hull City – U`s 2004-2005)
Alan White (Luton Town – U`s 2000 – 2004)
Gerorge Elokobi (Wolves – U`s 2004-2008)
Kevin Lisbie (Ipswich – U`s 2007-2008)

Remember- All dates are with the players, many of them first on loan, joined the club full-time. They must have signed for the U’s on a permanent contract (not loan – this is a possible future idea!) and still be playing football for a club.

Credit should go to Vital Derby who inspired the original idea.

So do you think this team could be improved? Which players still playing today could come into the side?

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19 Replies to “Ex-U`s XI: And It`s Still Possible…!”

  • Right – I was trying to find seven subs, but I couldn’t fine an spare goalie. Which means having just six! (No way was I going to put Kevin McLeod on the bench for the hell of it. Midfield is a bit light too, with no defensive player because Kevin Watson is retired! Couldn’t use Chris Barker, or Davison in goal. What do you think?

  • couldnt find many ex keepers still playing let alone still in the league. had a look on wikipedia which brought back some memories! Anyone else remember Fumaca?

  • Sadly not – of course I couldn’t move the Iwelumo Curo pairing. And Chilvers has become a CB. Think LuaLua wouldn’t be able to challenge at all!

  • “Fumaca’s Colchester career lasted 14 minutes after being pole-axed…” says the official site!!

  • Anyone in that team you would have back now? I was thinking of using Virgo in a wosrt XI, but then he’d probably start scoring goals like he did when he went to Brithton at the start of last season!!

  • I like the worst eleven idea! Virgo, McLeod and Granville! Dannsy, Halford, Chilvers, Garcia, Iwelumo… Not gonna happen though!!!!!

  • Who else for worst 11… Bela Balough….?… would be interesting to see if Town would give us Lisbie. But would PL take him? He didn’t say anything about the Curo speculation last Xmas and then nothing happened and he went to Barnsley. I suppose he could never have come back to the U’s!

  • For the worst 11 of players still playing, Teddy couldn’t be in. But he could if you did one of All Time… think we will go for a worst 11 of players still playing football later this week! I would have to say he’s going to go down as a bad signing!

  • Oooh, yeah, he’s retired! My bad! Sunday Wasiu, he’s gonna leave when his deal expires in a few weeks so will be a past player then….!!!!

  • XD haha, yeah very true. I can recall Williams say that Bela was playing up front, more as a striker, against swifts, and that he hadn’t seen enough of him defending to want to sign him right away! He had a trial at WBA before that as well… Thing is, those poor quality opposition worked for Lisbie because he had always been a good striker and he got his scoring from back. Who have we got for pre-season this year?

  • Scott McGleish is a free agent – Im sure he could still score a few and as far as im concerned is a Col U legend!

  • Well, most of them would fit back right in at the club. A loan-only XI, and worst XI one soon! Keep the suggestions rolling in!

  • Will be considered! Having seen that Tibury are non-league, maybe Elokobi is the only left-back who could play in that possition. Juts didn’t want to be predictable and put all the ex-men in from the last to seasons!

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