Date: 28th June 2009 at 2:14pm
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Adelaide coach, Aurelio Vidmar, has hit out at the free-spending policy of clubs like Perth Glory as both continue pursuing Colchester United skipper, Chris Coyne.

Vidmar accused the top teams of spending “ludicrous” sums to lure star names – as per A-league rules – which state that the best signings are exempt from a standard salary cap. He says rash budgeting is threatening the long-term stability of the newly-founded division.

The ceiling limit is $2.25, from which as many as four players in each squad are excused.

In recent seasons, former Manchester United treble-winner Dwight Yorke and ex-Liverpool legend Robbie “God” Fowler have crossed the pond to earn astronomical annual salaries. Fowler, playing for North Queensland Fury, is earning $1.2 million a year.

Fowler could soon be joined in Oz by one-time Celtic legend, Henrik Larson, being linked with Gold Coast United after earlier speculation, reported here on Vital, that Colchester United were considering offering him a contact.

Even former Brentford striker, Lloyd Owusu, who recently became Adelaide`s highest earner, commands £400,000 in wages for a two year deal.

Vidmar is bitter about the way all sides including Glory, hopeful of making Coyne another marquee signing, are doing business.

On Friday, he told Adelaide Now: “Most A-League clubs are trying to find their feet still after four years and some of the money that’s being thrown around is just ludicrous.”

“We’ve tried to make some big plays for some big players, Aussie boys that are playing overseas and Aussie boys that are playing in the A-League currently. There’s just not enough money for them.”

Vidmar said ten days ago that he would be looking to hijack Perth Glory`s high-profile chase of Coyne, although it is understood he has since been offered a firm three-year contract by Glory.

Sydney FC was also suggested as another destination for the player.

“He’s one of the players on the list. He`s a leader and we’d like to help his chances for the World Cup squad.

“There would only be some hurdles with the [Asian] Champions League that we’d have to jump, and that would be registrations,” Vidmar explained.

A barrier to Adelaide`s Coyne move is, bizarrely, that that competition is hosted at the same time as the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

So the race for Coyne is three-way: but is it killing the A-League?

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15 Replies to “Greed Of Coyne`s Suitors Killing A-League?”

  • Wish someone from the club would tell people what’s happening over Coyne. Nothing at all has been mentioned about any fees. Lame!

  • Agreed, its getting a bit stupid now with all the will he? won’t he? and him keep saying that he wants to play in Oz at “some stage”. I think he pretty much wants to go so I say get rid as we don’t want players at the club who don’t want to be here and lack a little desire. I think a first choice partnership of Reid and Baldwin (if he signs a new contract) should go from strength to strength as they were looking very solid indeed until Reids’ injury. Tierney has the left back spot sewn up and plenty of options for right back.

  • No, no, it’s not – I think that’s what Liverpool fans used to call him! Coyne-wise, a point riased elsewhere is that he cost us money and he really shouldn’t be talking to other teams unless we have accepted a bid. Does anyone know if they pay any fees in Oz? I thought he was going to leave a while ago when all that stuff was said by the club!!

  • And I mean, what they said was: he’s staying. Maybe. And what he keeps saying is: I’m going. Probably. Stupid!

  • Expect to hear something in the next couple of days… Think it will be a goodbye for Coyney. Shame, could’ve been good. . .

  • Thing is, if he was given a chance under Lambert, then I reckon he could have done well. He MUST be at least alright, because he’s pliad seven times for his NATIONAL TEAM in the past 12 months. And that was on half-fitness.

  • Yep, good defender jsut sometimes things dont work out for certain players at clubs. Like Keane at Liverpool…

  • To fill you in a little on what’s happening with this from the Oz perspective, Adelaide are facing financial difficulties at the moment due to their owners problems to do with GFC and local recession. It’s all a bit of sourgrapes from Vidmar though, cos two years ago Perth were the side in financial trouble and Adelaide were signing the likes of Romario to come play a bunch of games down here at the cost of near $1mil (AUD). Coyne will probably end up back at Perth, where his brother also plays. As for him playing for Australia recently, yes he has played a few games for the national team this year, but never as first choice and usually in less important WQC’s and friendlies.

  • Also, A-League clubs very rarely pay fee’s for players (Melbourne are the first club to pay a significant fee to any club for a Costa Rican international, and that was still below $1mil AUD). If he is to join Perth, which seems likely from reports down here, then it will either be by mutual agreement with Colchester or because he is released for some other reason.

  • Agree Ozi, it is all local sour grapes in relation to Vidmar. Adelaide are a *****ed club and he is a *****ed manager end of.

  • Thanks, Ozi Gooner, actaully we really wanted to be clear with Coyne, nice comments! So basically it seems the club will have to cut our loses, and well, he’s got a good chance of going to the World Cup if he has played seven times for Oz this season. So, it must have been agreed with the club as well, otherwise they’d be “taping up” our player. Lambert probably told him to find another club at the end of the season during those “talks” which were to remain private!

  • Yep, the way I understand it, he has been released by mutual consent. I wouldn’t be surprised if Perth announce his signing in the next week or so. He will go to the WC if he’s not injured, but don’t expect to see a lot of him unless we have injuries/suspensions – he is third choice behind old Rangers player Craig Moore and Lucas Neill. @ KatieDawson, what club in A-League do you follow?

  • Really? Yesterday, Jamie Coyne said he wasn’t sure his brother would come to the A-League, so still all up in the air a little, although yes it had been reported that Colchester had released him by mutural concent! Third choice isn’t bad behind those players, considering his age and his newness to the team.

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