Date: 7th January 2010 at 4:25pm
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Paul Lambert`s employers at Norwich City have been so unsettled by speculation suggesting their mercurial manager could leave for Burnley that they have issued a statement.

The former Celtic player has gained a repletion for resigning from coaching jobs, quitting first with Wycombe and then sensationally this season at Colchester.

Following Owen Coyle`s move to Bolton, the Scot has now been linked with that vacancy.

Although the Norwich board say no approach from the Premiership side has come, Lambert is clearly very ambitious and has caught the eye in East Anglia, winning over sixty-perent of matches since he took charge.

The statement from director Michael Foulger, however, denies the possibility of Lambert moving on again this season. He told City’s official site: “We have had no approach for Paul. I’m really impressed by his commitment to Norwich City and the way he goes about his business and I want him to be the manager to take this club forward.

Were Lambert to accept an approach from the club as willingly as he left Colchester last autumn, it would ironically leave City without a manager for the upcoming local derby fixture on January 16.

His stay at the Weston Homes lasted just 312 days, after which he was appointed by Colchester’s regional rivals on a rolling contract.

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26 Replies to “Lambert A Burnley Tip? How Ironic…!”

  • Football is so unpredictable – at least Norwich will know how it feels to fear losing a manager in the same way we did.

  • Get over to Vital Burnley (like I have done) and ‘big up’ Lambert for their vacancy.

  • The power of the internet is so good. Remember ‘Rick rolling’?? How about starting a facebook group urging his appointment LOL

  • I think this will happen… Think Lambert’s on a rolling contract too, at Norwich, so he could walk out, like he has done before, when he wants. Will laugh if he goes and Norwich get no compo and then they have no manager and still owe us, or alternatively if he goes and they get some comp depending on his contract up there and then pay most of it straight to us! Just popping over to Vital Burnley…

  • Well, I’m not 100% sure but think he is, what do you think Matt? You were covering it! Actually I’m pretty sure he is!!!!!

  • Definately a rolling contract he is on at Norwich. Imagine the six-fingured Norwich fans waving him off as he sets off to Burnley!

  • Some bookmakers have stopped taking odds on him for the new Burnley boss, while he’s a strong, strong favourite with others. No smoke without fire…

  • I think the Norwich fans would be angrier with Lambert, come Jan 16th, if this did happen..!! Fingers-crossed..

  • Oh look, on facebook there is a group to join for him to become new Burnley boss! Invite your friends……

  • I meant to say I can’t write and instead put wrote… ops, unintentionally funny. Quite a lot like this Paul Lambert link, then!

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