Date: 1st May 2009 at 10:13pm
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Colchester’s Paul Lambert wants to change more than United`s starting squad, according to Joe Dunne.

The reserve-team coach has told the local media in recent days that Lambert is looking at ways to up the level of contest in B-games.

“We`re trying to raise the standards of everything. The manager wants to take the whole club forward – and that includes at reserve and youth team level too.” Many managers complain about the gap in the standard between competitive and other forms of football.

“It’s important that we meet these expectations. If the manager says that he wants improvement then that has to happen, because he is the one who is handing out contracts.”

Previous manager Geraint Williams, was also known for voicing his concerns over the gap between match-day football and the alternatives. Permeability this will have positives for youth-team level football at the club, too.

“He has entrusted me to try and bring players through here and we will work hard to try and bring as many players through as we can,” said Dunne, affirming his own role at the club.

So is this good news for the U’s?

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3 Replies to “Lambert To Act Over Reserve Concerns”

  • I agree, if your reserves are not getting decent opposition, then how can they make that stepup to the first team and be of any use. It is essential that that squad these days have quality in depth, but if the reserves play lesser opposition it gives a false impression.

  • True, yes, it is no good for the football club. Obviously in Spain there are the professional reserve teams, but I suspect on the PL sides could hope to field one of these in Enggland. More games, and some kind of a point to winning, would be ideal.

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