Date: 1st March 2009 at 2:44pm
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Outspoken Colchester United fan Bob Russell, MP, is fearful over future accountability at the club after this week`s Share buy-out by owner Robbie Cowling.

Aspire Media Group – formally Jobserve online recruitment – company owner Cowling will assume total control of the club within the next eight weeks following his increased stake to around ninety-nine percent.

The remaining one percent of Shares can now be bought by Colwling automatically.

But Russell highlighted the move as undemocratic as far as Colchester United fans were concerned.

He said: “In reality, for the day to day operation of the club, this means absolutely nothing, however, there will no longer be the public annual reports and we will no longer, as fans, know what is going on inside the club.”

He was talking to the EADT and added that Annual General Meetings may now also be scrapped, which he said we reduce fan involvement in the football club.

“Interestingly, what Mr Cowling is doing flies completely in the face of what is happening around the country where fans are being encouraged to take a greater ownership and roles in their clubs,” added Russell.

Cowling has just 35,000 remaining Shares to purchase, having bought 500,000 twelve months.

Russell also said in another paper, the town`s Evening Gazette: “This is the latest sign Colchester United is becoming increasingly remote from the supporters.”

He has become disenfranchised with the running of affairs and resolved last season to stop attending U`s games.

Russell publically decried Colchester United`s memorabilia auction last summer, when he stated that several key items and trophies that went under the hammer should have in fact gone to the club`s new Weston Homes ground.

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5 Replies to “Russell Blasts Cowling Buy-Out”

  • Bob Russell should keep his mouth shut and not get involved in the politics of running the club and concentrate more on promoting the club to increase support. People malign Robbie Cowling but look at what he has ploughed into the club – over a million pounds of talent on the bench against Hartlepool. A few years ago our entire squad would have probably cost lest than 10% of that.

  • But at what brice the borrowing? He must be wanting someing in return for his onvestment. Although I agree, maybe the MP should be turning up to games!

  • Yeah, said to who I was with at the game on Sat about our bench being worth 1.3m. Cowling has put a lot into the club, top stuff.

  • Not so sure myself, because you go into the game to make money. But the bench is worth a lot, and that’s rare or has been in the past for a team like Col Utd!

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