Date: 17th January 2010 at 10:07am
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Colchester United
0 – 5
Norwich City


League One

16/01/10 - 15:00

Attendance: 10,064

Referee: Mike Dean

Colchester UnitedNorwich City
Martin 16, Martin 45 + 1, Doherty 49, Johnson 81, Holt 90
Ben WilliamsFraser Forster
John White70Russell Martin
Danny Batth
55Michael Nelson
Magnus OkuonghaeGary Doherty
Marc Tierney
Adam Drury
Philip IfilDarel Russell
David Fox55Korey Smith
Kemal Izzet
Wesley Hoolahan
Anthony WordsworthSimon Lappin89
Kevin Lisbie
Chris Martin
Clive PlattGrant Holt


Matt HeathZak Whitbread83
Mark CousinsDeclan Rudd
Pat Baldwin55Matthew Gill
Simon HackneyStephen Hughes89
Kayode Odejayi55Oli Johnson66
Steven GillespieCody McDonald
Ian Henderson
70Anthony McNamee

Game Statistics

15Goal attempts7
5On Target6
4Yellow Cards4
1Red Cards0

10 Replies to “Stats: Colchester United v Norwich City 16/01/10 –”

  • Fair paly to them, Norwich took their chances and dealt with the conditions better. If you looked at the stats and didn’t know the score you would probably say it was an even game.

  • The scoreline did flatter us a bit, not that I’m complaining – you really, really hurt us in August, and speaking for a bunch of fans who watched their side lose 6-0 when a win would’ve kept them in the Premiership, and get hammered by already-relegated Charlton in another “win and we stay up” match in the very last game before the 7-1, we needed a bit of revenge. I’ve watched Ipswich beat us 5-0 before though, I know it stings. Still, you win this season 7-6, so I for one hope you can pick yourselves up and get on with getting promoted with us. Here’s hoping we can be in a position to both finish above Ipswich next year, and unite in our mutual dislike of them!

  • Cheers, great post SS! Yeah, the stats dont tell the whole story, but hay-ho: 7-6 to the Colchester!

  • Yeah SS, Nice comments unlike some Norwich fans sat next to me
    and all around me, bloody hell it was cold and im thick skinned.
    One comment i will make and i dont know if this is justified but am not sure that the defence is at fault for colchester, more like the goallie, he never came out to the ball, stayed on his line.
    12 goals tell you that, but hey im not a footballer and i do feel hurt.
    Am i a sad square. it wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt 4 that**** P L

  • Oh yeah and that REF, look on youtube 4 the swearing parrot, thats him. I THINK HE KEPT PUTTING HIS WISTLE IN HIS MOUTH THINKING IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE AND WAS HE FROM NORWICH, WHAT A T W A T

  • Paul lambert putting off the game with wallsall so he had a fresh team meant he wanted revenge. Why did they play on a pitch that was waterlogged, should have had scuba gear on.

  • Sonicsmegg, our goalie was at fault for five, maybe six of yours in August, so I share your pain! The ref was Mike Dean of the Premiership – shows just what top-flight quality means, I thought he was rubbish too.

  • Yeah, Dean never really impressed me much! Dont really think Williams was at fault, more the defence in my opinion – he’s been left far too exposed in the last two games.

  • Can’t really blame Williams, Baath for two goals most definately, Baldwin for one., bad luck for Dohertys’ goal and as for the last one; I was on my way to the bus as I couldn’t take any more but having seen it on the TV just looked like we had given up!

  • Yeah, agree there OJJ, although would say the final goal was down to Baldwin who completely missed the ball…

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