Date: 14th July 2009 at 11:08am
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New signings galore, evidence of some familiar faces and a bright training kit as the U’s squad prepare for next season. Vital U’s understands that these pictures are from July, 1, 2009.

Now into Day Three of a week-long training camp held at a similar base to the one where Argentina trained for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the squad certainly appears to have been shedding some sweat.

Yesterday was the squad`s first full day of training, after arrival at the weekend.

L-R: Paul Reid, Mark Cousins, Lee Beevers, Ashley Vincent & Alan Maybury in qhat the club says is all-new 2009/10 training gear… while apparently playing musical statues!

More of the range here @

Eleven players, including John White and Jamie Guy, do auditions to see who has the best tan now that the boys are all back from their holidays!

Vital U`s would like to thank Colchester United Football Club for their kind permission to publish these pictures…. roll on next season!

What do you think of the new training kit and the pictures?

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15 Replies to “If These Don`t Get You Excited About August….”

  • I may be wrong but think in the top picture I think it is Ashley Vincent rather than Simon Hackney fourth one along.

  • I think you might be right, because Hackers did have long hair after the Tiptree game! [Edited by MattUs]

  • Pretty amusing! You sort of would want to go ask him about the wig… At least, as has been pointed out, it shows White and Guy went, obvious in my book! Wouldn’t want to leave them at home in case they become suddendly fantasic players… if Guy started scoring right now, for example, he’d probably get a few games come August!

  • are you sure these pics are from germany and not from when we first started training on 1st july

  • That’s what I thought crokeyboy, they seem to be wearing a blue training top in Germany unlike the yellow one as well.

  • Well, the club did tell me that they were from Germany!! But… using that logic – the new training gear is blue – these must not be from Germany after all…! How sad 🙁

  • Yep, seems like there not, if you see the photo of the squad in Germany on the OWS, there wearing blue and it looks different.

  • I actaully think they ARE from Germany, because that’s what I was told… but I’ve changed the wording of the article. The Official Website doesn’t seem to be selling this yellow training kit anymore! [Edited by MattUs]

  • Vital U’s wouldn’t have been able to publish them without the permission… I’ll have to check it with CU-FC…

  • Ok… these are from Five Lakes, apparently! Oh, sorry! I had the wrong infomation… New picures up soon!!

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