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Following the popularity of Ex-U`s XI features last week, Vital Colchester has had a go at a worst U`s eleven of the last decade. Agree or disagree?

The main factors for selection are the player`s poor reputation and bad performances for the club, and ideal would potentially have been taken any period in U`s history stretching back to formation in 1937.

See if you agree or disagree with Vital Colchester United`s selections. If so, tell us why at the end of this article.

Feel free to comment or make other suggestions if you feel any player has been overlooked – that`s all part of the fun.

A contributory resource for this feature, since Vital U`s has so few members to contribute, was a BBC recent 606 discussion on the topic, probably inspired by our series of articles. Thanks should also go to site members ooohhJohnnieJackson and StevieG Col U for thier suggestions on the team.

Vital U`s has had a go at researching the ex-U`s used for the benefit of the feature.

A possible Colchester United Select team made up of bad ex-CUFC players from about the last ten years:


Ron Green U`s: Appearances, 4 (1992-1993)


Fabrice Richard (U`s: Appearances, 24 1999 – 2000)
Sagi Burton (U`s: Appearances, 9 1999)
Adam Virgo (U`s Appearances, 36 Goals: 1)
Danny Granville (U`s Appearances, 20) 2007 -2008)


St├ęphane Pounewatchy (U`s Appearances, 15 Goals: 1 1999)
Jose Fumaca Antunes (U`s Appearances, 1 1999)
Adam Tanner (U`s Appearances, 4, 2000 – 2001)
Jamie Moralee (U`s Appearances, 20 Goals 2 1999-2000)


Teddy Sheingham (U`s Appearances 16, Goals 4 2007-2008
Brian Launders – Striker (U`s Appearances 8, Goals 0 1999)


Phil Parkinson- Midfielder (0 games, registered player-manager, 03)
Tony Adcock – Striker (U`s Appearances 108, Goals 28)
Andy Myers – Defender (U`s Appearances 26, Goals 1)
Akanni-Sunday Wasiu – Striker (U`s Appearances 10, Goals 2 2008-2009

Click here to see the original team selection for best XI, and here for the loans XI!

Credit should go to Vital Derby who inspired the original idea.

So do you think this team could be improved? Which players still playing today could come into the side?

Let us know with a comment below, chat about this article in the forum. Not yet a member? Don’t panic, click on the banner below to join in.

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11 Replies to “Ex-U`s XI III:- Worst Eleven (99-09)”

  • That Jose Fumaca Antunes went on to sign for NEWCASTLE in the same season as playing for us when he recovered from injury!

    Teddy ? true pro, great technique and had two fantastic games, Preston and Sheffield United, for the club. Sold a few shirts probably.

    I also remember Andy Myers playing for the club and being rubbish, despite coming down from PL level! Parkinson is in there too, just for a laugh, even though he never played for the U?s, despite being able to for his first season. Things are MUCH better these days!

  • Adcock as well – 28 goals in five years, compared to Curo, Lisbie or even Platt, is appalling!!

  • Ops! Well, thnaks for that… I thought he was much btter than that!! Well, McLeod if you wish… but compared to all these others he’s not so bad… actaully those few goals in the Championship era were very importnat!

  • Adrian Coote should be in here – he played about half a dozen games as a record signing from Norwich and then went to Wivenhoe Town! Shocking!

  • And yes – U’s are in line for play-offs!! (Because nobody’s kicked a ball yet.) I’d take that now if I didn’t have to have the football season. Actually, maybe I wouldn’t! Is tempting though!!

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